What paperwork do you use in projects?

This is a question I frequently ask of people who attend our courses or in one to one discussions. The answers are interesting:

• we have a file but little goes into it

• we have some templates however I am not sure where they go to once we complete them

• yes, I have seen a PID (project initiation document) however this was some time ago

OK, I admit it; I have chosen the worst comments from people. It is however interesting to note that many people who do come on our courses seem to try and manage delivering a project without or with very little paper work. I know that this is possibly one of the reasons they are on one of our courses however, it a cause of concern.

Auditors like paperwork trails for projects!

Few people seem to see the need for a paper trail around decisions in their projects. More importantly, those that do use project management templates do not use them for communication purposes. One or two people have commented that internal auditors would benefit from having some solid paper work – auditors who have attended courses or project management workshops agree! They say they now have the paperwork to check against…so beware!

We spend a lot of time on courses working our way through a case study project. There are lots of activities and the case study, which goes down well, is the central theme for the event. We illustrate the use of paperwork as we go through and there is little doubt that by the end of the project management course they are much clearer on the type of paperwork needed.

Project management templates – free

So what paperwork (templates) am I referring to? Of course you could come along to one of our courses however I recognise this is not practical for everyone. So, why not download the templates yourself, for free! They are in word format allowing you to amend them to fit your projects.

They used the templates!!

And no, I do not see paperwork as a necessary bureaucratic. C Northcote- Parkinson suggested:

“The man whose life is devoted to paperwork has lost the initiative. He is dealing with things that are brought to his notice, having ceased to notice anything for himself.”

Project management templates are an essential part of a project – however, it’s how you use them that counts. Download your free project management templates and amend them to suit your needs.

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  2. Nathan Jones says:

    Very interesting, I have just written a great little PRINCE2 Training blog answering the question is Project Management and Project Leadership the same?

  3. Hi Ron – what about these audits? how regularly do they occur? And how many companies, would you say, use them?

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