Where’s your project & programe management strategy

This morning’s news was full of criticism of the UK Government for its lack strategic thinking is leading to a “patch and mend” approach.

The Public Administration Committee said an absence of national strategy was leading to “mistakes” such as those following the recent Budget.

Now, there is NO way that I am going to get into a debate about the Governments approach (well, not on here anyway!) but it did set me thinking.

Lots and lots of questions

How many companies:

  • have a coherent project and programme management (PPM) strategy?
  • can say which projects are priority and have placed their resources against these key projects?
  • can say all those people engaged in projects and programmes are well trained and have continuous development programmes in place?
  • have project sponsors and project boards who have received training for their role and understand the impact that effective PPM can have ?
  • have realistic internal structures to effectively manage a portfolio of projects ?
  • stop those projects where there are no clear tangible benefits?

Where's your project & programme strategy?

Tough questions to ask and to answer

These (and many more) questions are tough ones to answer. However by not answering them and by not having in place a good PPM strategy then companies are exposing themselves to risks.

If you doubt it then read Stock Shock. This is an 8 page document which should be read by all Chief Executives and Board Directors and anyone engaged in PPM. It is available on line you will need to register to get the report, however it is well worth it.

No PPM strategy; patch and mend…..and mistakes….and costs…and risks.

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