We should make it mandatory for ALL projects!

Well, these words produced some heated debate!

We were on day one of a 2 day project management course working our way through a stakeholder management exercise. The three groups really engaged with the activity. After completing the activity we had a great debate and there were lots of learning points from the activity. Then someone stunned the course in to silence by saying:

“I think we should make stakeholder management mandatory for all projects.”

Now I know when to keep quiet; this was one of those times!

The group looked at one another. Body language was agreeing with the sentiment that had just been expressed.

“I agree,” said another course member, “however, stakeholder management is only one of many areas we are going to cover. What about the PID (charter) or risk assessment, gateway reviews, business cases? Surely these and many others should be mandatory?”

Silence again. I then asked the group what would be the impact of making aspects of project management mandatory.

A general point of consensus was it would mean all projects would go through the project management lifecycle with senior managers and project managers having to play their role more effectively. Many of the group felt that there was too much leniency in the company and the most effective way (at the moment) was to instil a culture of compliance.

There seemed to be general agreement that mandating in projects would be beneficial. The interesting aspect was that the group felt that mandating would enable the company to focus more on delivering key projects. No compliance = no project was the mantra from the group

What’s your view?

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