A different approach to developing project management skills

The pressure is on to deliver. But we do not have the time to let people go off and get trained.

I have heard that statement many times and it is a real show stopper for building capacity and capability in a business. For this reason, we developed an e Learning course – The Perfect Project. We deliberately made it:

  1. low cost – real value for money we have deliberately kept the price down to ensure it is affordable for users and companies
  2. practical – there are lots of activities to work on based around a case study OR you can use them on your on project
  3. understandable – yes, project management has its own jargon and processes however this e Learning course makes it easy to understand – applied common sense

We have also developed 7 stand alone modules which are even cheaper. Take a look at http://projectagency.co.uk/the-perfect-project-modules/

So if you are feeling pressurised to deliver, don’t have the time or budget to train then take a look at our Perfect Project e Learning course

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