360 assessment for project staff

I started my training and development career quite a long time ago! I worked with supervisors and managers, helping them to develop key skills and knowledge.

A big issue for both groups was the need to develop the skills to deliver effective performance appraisals. I ran many performance management courses with an emphasis on building skills for the inevitable interview, dealing with difficult situations alongside the pleasant side – giving positive feedback.

The managers had negative roles models

I soon discovered that these managers had received very little feedback from their own managers; they had negative role models. By this I mean managers did not give them feedback, or if they did, appeared to give it in a manner that did not motivate or develop the subject.

Years later I decided to look at the feedback that project managers were receiving. In actual fact, the correct form of words should read; feedback that project managers did not receive or feedback that was received ineffectively.

One issue seems to be that managers appear to put off until the last minute appraisal interviews and when they are held (if they are) they are rushed and lack clarity and direction. Project managers complained of receiving little or no feedback. Another issue is the once a year performance review syndrome; having an appraisal once per year without any feedback between.

Look at the project management community and see what they are charged with delivering; huge change agendas, tight deadlines with even tighter financials and poor resource levels. Yes, it’s the job of the project manager to deliver, however how about some feedback on their performance? How about some motivation some development and some communication on how the company (their manager!) perceives them? Which should help in developing the project manager as well as project management within the business.

Let’s have 360 assessment for project staff

For this reason, my company Project Agency has introduced a tried and tested very practical 360 assessment for project staff. It will provide the individual, the project management community and the company with some really objective feedback, and help in the production of solid development plans. The target group for assessment could be project managers, project team members and even project sponsors.

Sample report. Yours could be similar or different!

360 degree appraisal is not new. However, focusing on the project management community is! We have developed a range of documents for you to look at which includes a sample report of a project manager.

This is 360 project management appraisal by a project management company. We believe that feedback is critical – to the development of the individual, the project management community in your company, and the company as a whole! Hence 360 assessment for project staff.

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