Lost, but we reached our destination. Like your projects?

We had a great holiday. We went from the UK to the States (hence the gap of a few weeks in posts).

For part of the holiday we hired a car. Now my geography of the Rhode Island, Cape Cod and Boston areas is pretty poor so I was rather hoping the hire company supplied a map. Such old fashioned thinking! I was left dependent on the GPS/sat nav.

We were lost…..

Then we hit a problem. The GPS could not find the location of our hotel on Cape Cod. No matter how we did it, no go. We eventually gave it to the hotel and someone from there found out that the address on the web site was wrong and hey presto, no problem.

During the journey I mused that this is similar to project management. The GPS guides you. It guides you to your destination just like a project management approach. The approach guides you. It gives you an indication of the way to go, the templates to complete and provides you and others with data over how you are doing.

Does your company have one overall project management approach?

But, many companies still do not have one overall project management approach. Of those who do, many members of staff do not use it in any consistent way.


Can you help us please? We have no direction.

Without the GPS/sat nav I would have been lost. Yes, I could have set off in a direction and yes, we would have arrived at our destination however the journey would have been fraught with worry, getting things wrong (directions) and lots of adjustments. Just like many projects?

So my reflective point after a great holiday is this; do you have a robust project management approach for your business which is followed by everyone? If not, people will get lost on the journey through the project. Rework may well be needed and projects will not be delivered as effectively as you and the company wish!

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