Project Sponsor; will this meet your expectations?

You have the business case in front of you. As you are the project sponsor it’s for you to sign off. You muse over what you have in front of you. Various thoughts literally flash through your mind:

The company does not have a very good record of delivering projects effectively and yet you want this one to really add value to the customer experience. But will it?

  1. You think about the project manager. There seems only one option and he has little experience. How about some training for him? I guess so you say to yourself, but the latest edict from the Board was no money for training!
  2. Customer satisfaction levels are falling and you are under pressure to deliver, and deliver very fast. Is this the best way?
  3. You have thought about the project team who support the project manager. The problem is that everyone is busy. You ask yourself; isn’t this project of higher priority? You see some battles ahead.
  4. You are being pressurised to have a specific project board for this project. You are not so keen and frankly, you see this as a waste of very valuable time – 9 people have come forward to sit on the Board. Oh dear; these are the only words that come to mind!
  5. There is no budget for this project. All projects and all work is to be done at ‘neutral cost.’ How do you get round this as you know some retraining is needed?

So, do you sign off the business case, and if yes, what needs to be done by you to ensure this project delivers?

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