How healthy are you (and your project)?

It has been a tough 6 weeks in the Rosenhead family. We have had our own (small) tsunami of illness. Firstly, my wife fell and broke her wrist, another relative contracted a serious virus, my daughter and I both contracted a chest infection and the list could be longer but I think you get the general drift!

My own schedule was not quite decimated, however it was very difficult to maintain.

It got me thinking about project schedules and risk management. Projects are so dependent on present ism – people being present at work. This becomes even more serious when you consider the scarce resources within companies and the headcount issue – no, we cannot recruit as we need to keep head count low!

What happens in your projects when a key resource goes off sick?  Does your risk assessment include an assessment on the sickness topic? Is your project so important to your company that you must have the right resources in place at the right time (what projects don’t?) and any deviation, no matter how small will impact negatively on the project?

Tough questions? Yes. But better to ask them now and try (yes, try) and get them answered before the event.

I was lucky. I have access to some great resources. What about you and your projects?

I am pleased to say that the Tsunami is now a mild breeze!

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  2. Shim Marom says:

    Hope you are all well mate.

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