I’ve started so I’ll finish (the project) *

How many projects you have worked on or have come across that should have been stopped part way through? How many projects have suddenly outlived the original intention? How many projects are so far behind schedule that no matter how many people you throw at it, it will not be delivered by the due date?

I’m talking about the stopping of projects!

I recently presented a webinar and one of the issues I mentioned was the need for there to be clear priorities and a really good look at the project list (if such a thing existed). My thinking is that all too often there are simply too many projects for the available resources or trained project staff.

But, it seems as though there is a written rule which goes something like this:

We have started this project. We have invested so much time and money (including resources) and we have promised delivery of this project so, it MUST be delivered!


  • what about the original benefits – are they still deliverable?
  • will it meet the stakeholder needs if it is delivered late or over budget?
  • is the risk profile increasing and being managed well? OR…
  • are there some major risks which will really be show stoppers?
  • is it still a priority within the business?
  • is it linked to the overall company goals?

Just think about what you could do if you really focussed on delivering a few high profile projects. Reassigning project staff from those projects you stop, or put on hold will make a great impact, and you (hopefully) will deliver more with less!

The above are some of the questions which need to be answered but are you or your senior managers brave enough to take them?

*With thanks to the late Magnus Magnusson

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