What is your role in the project?

By Alison Smith

This weekend my daughter will be travelling to Spain to take part in a music tour as a steel pans player, and choir member representing Hornsey School for Girls. After months of practice, and honing of skills they are almost concert ready – just one final thing to memorise…. their role in setting up, and packing away at each performance.

Every student has been assigned a role to look after all the equipment that they will need, as well as handing out programmes, and putting up posters in the local area. Now this may seem a trivial thing, but unless they all play their part and engage in the pre and post concert process, the concert will be delayed as they are not set up, or the equipment could be damaged by an inexperienced person handling it.

It is similar to the need for all project team members to take an active part in every project. We recently looked at how delays occur due to people not meeting their deadlines, and how in turn this could prevent project success.

Whilst I appreciate that this is not rocket science, it still needs to be stressed that all team members have a real contribution to make to help deliver the project.

Switch now to rugby league. This is Ron Rosenhead’s passion having followed Leeds Rhinos for many years. He was watching a game from Australia (the magnificent State of Origin series) and they interviewed at half time the legendary Jonathan Thurston. He said that during his first state of Origin game, the captain took him to one side and said; “All I want you to do is play your role. That helped me and the team, and I settled down and we won the game.”

So it’s not just project management where roles are important however that’s what we are dealing with now

We hear many times on courses we run , that roles in their projects are not always clearly defined. Without a clear definition of roles and responsibilities no one from the project sponsor down to individual team members can hope to carry out their roles effectively, or the project running without problems.

So my question to you is; how clear is your role in projects, and how can you be effective in your role?

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