The pieces of the jigsaw are now starting to fit

I was struck by the above comment from someone on a recent project management course.

The person who made the comment had been involved is several projects – as a team member and a project manager. But, he had received no training in project management, until now. He said he had gone through all sorts of traumas trying to deliver projects, and the 2 days really fitted his needs.

He was critical of the company for not providing him, and others with the training he really needed.

Interestingly, I had spent time with the company helping them to develop an approach to delivering project management more effectively. I went to a meeting with several senior managers and one of the things I suggested was a relatively simple approach:

STEP 1: Identify all of the key strategic projects and key departmental projects

STEP 2: List the relevant people who fulfil which roles e.g. project sponsor, project manager, project steering group, team members

Use the right approach to develop your project staff.

STEP 3: Train and develop the various groups choosing training that suits their needs e.g. steering groups – why not run a meeting as ‘normal’ having someone facilitate reviews at various stages of the process. Or for project managers an on site course followed up by coaching

STEP 4: Set up a community of practice for project management within the company. This can be used to develop project management and develop individuals by say having a lunch time speaker on a particular topic – why not video this and put it on your intranet?

Interestingly, they had done step 1 only!

So, if your company wants the pieces of the jigsaw to come together maybe the above processes will work for you? Maybe the 4 stages will help to further strengthen your overall project management governance processes….

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