Instead of a project report, I wrote you this….

As you know I go on holiday in 3 days’ time. I am due to meet you on Friday and then I will be away for 10 working days. Instead of the usual highlight report, I thought I would send you this email to bring out some of the issues we face in the Workingate Project (WP).

We are behind schedule

Yes, we are about 4 weeks away from where we should be. I mentioned this in my Highlight Report number 9 (attached). You will see I said and I copy it here:

“We do not have the specific resources within the company. We have estimated this task will take 4 days and bringing an external person into the do the work will cost us £2,200.”

You did not respond until I called you and said this was too expensive. The result, we are behind schedule with the internal person picking up that activity this week.

Resource shortages; Sponsor needs to get us more resources....

Getting the project back on schedule

In order to do this we have developed a new plan starting 1 week from the date of this note. It involves:

  • Reducing the quality of service to customers for a week (reducing contact time by 1 hour each day) which I have authorised and I hope you support. This will impact overall on the customer care we provide. The option is to bring in staff to cover the time and which will cost us an estimated £4,500.
  • Engaging more with marketing. I have tried to get closer to a key stakeholder in the marketing team and this is proving a huge issue. They do not seem to be aware of the real benefits to them of this project. You mentioned you had spoken to the whole team about the project. I am sorry to say this does seem to have had any impact. My suggestion is that you go along the next management meeting and staff meeting (both are on Thursday next week) to cover this off. If we do not get them ‘on board’ the project will not deliver against the agreed benefits
  • Increasing the project team. We do need a Finance expert on the team. We are hitting some really big issues with finance, which we are not fully qualified to deal with. I have spoken with CJ who you know and she is more than willing to come onto the team. But, we need you to clear this please with her Director

I am sure that I do not need to remind you that this has been designated a level 1 priority. I am more than happy to talk before we meet, however I am in a series of meetings today and am free from mid-day tomorrow.

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