What’s your project management legacy?

The late Graham Murray

Tonight will be an emotional night at Headingley, the home of Leeds Rhinos . They will be paying tribute to Graham Murray former coach to the Rhinos, who died at the young age of 59, near the end of July. Many people say Graham Murray started the current golden era of the club – 6 rugby league championships and one rugby League challenge cup win.

Phil Caplan editor of Forty-20 Magazine summed Murray up with these words:

“….Murray left a greater legacy on people rather than teams. Those who played under him have mentioned his total honesty, combined with a necessary ruthlessness to get the best out of his charges…….”

This led me to think about the legacy for project managers and project sponsors.

  • What will your legacy be?
  • Do you get the best from your team?
  • With projects forming a key driver for corporate change are you ensuring this is delivered effectively?
  • Do you ensure the project delivers what it should do and with the relevant benefits?
  • What are people saying about you and project management, now?

When we talk about legacy it’s what you leave behind. I would like to think that wherever I have worked I leave a positive legacy. For Graham Murray he certainly left a positive legacy with many players, many teams and many clubs a legacy that will be talked about for many years.

So to repeat; what is your project management legacy and what are you doing to enhance it?

For more information on Graham Murray click here – with thanks to Leeds Rhinos and NRL

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