Steering groups – do they add any value?

I was drawn to an on line article about cutting ‘red tape’. There are a lot of different points in the article however I want to focus on one of the points in the article:

“His review of red tape will examine the function played by about 30 separate steering groups and boards in the running of the corporation.”

I found this an interesting comment. Why?

I have heard, and so have my colleagues, many stories about steering groups over the years which really does lead me to ask the question; do they add any value?

Stories such as:

  • they fail to define what their role is. Or…
  • they fail to stick to the role laid down in the company
  • they simply do not make any decisions, extend the life of the project, and then complain the project is late
  • there are too many people on the steering committee and the result is that there are constant substitutions and the need to bring them up to speed

If you added to this the issue of having effective meetings then you can see that the probability of project success could be impacted by ineffective steering committees.

So, my question to you is this: do your steering groups add real value? If yes, how? If not, what needs to be done to ensure they do?


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