Strategies for Project Sponsorship

I want to boast……so please do excuse me!

Some of you will know that I co-wrote a book called Strategies for Project Sponsorship which was published earlier this year.

Yesterday, we received a really great review and frankly, I wanted to spread the word!

Read it below

“When I heard Vicki, Ron, and Peter would be publishing a book together, I had expected a lot and I have to say I was not disappointed. Each of the authors has proven to be exceptional thought leaders and their collaboration turned out a great book! The content and flow of topics is excellent!

While so many folks are focused on methodology, risk management, and communication they are missing out on a key element to achieving project success…executive sponsorship. I thought the graphics were crisp and relevant throughout (not some space fillers), I enjoyed the 5 steps to making recommendations, the Stakeholder and PM Evaluation tools, and the section on Challenging Sponsors. Also, Appendix D – 50 Secrets… is an excellent reference.

Three thought leaders in the industry came together to produce a tremendous tool every PM, PMO Director, and potential project sponsor needs to have on their bookshelf! Great job!”

Robert Kelly

If you want to purchase the book it is available on Amazon. Vicki James, Peter Taylor and I would be delighted if you wrote a review!

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