Who owns project management in your company? *

I did an interesting piece of work recently.

The company had its own project management approach which had been updated. The PMO Manager wanted some training to ensure that people not only knew about the revised approach, but refreshed their project management skills.

I have now run several events for this client and it is clear that:

  • the previous project management approach was little used with less than 50% of people on the courses having come across it.
  • people did their ‘own thing’ – the ‘good idea’ which had no business case or the project which had very loose objectives, meant deadlines came and went
  • senior managers did not play their part in project management (I have written extensively about this before!)
  • project management structures were more complex in some projects which slowed down decision making

Project running out of gas...?

I then spoke to my PMO contact and suggested that there was something missing from what the company wanted to achieve – a driver; someone at a senior level who actually owns and drives project management. Someone who uses project management to drive its very success and the success of change!

Now it remains to be seen whether this will actually happen in this company. I am however left wondering how many companies have spent lots of money on developing a project management approach, trained people (lots of them), but yet no one at senior manager level owns project management.

I hear you ask why have I called this article “Who owns project management in your company II?” What happened to the first one? Click here, where it suggests what I mean by ownership. Note the comment about the PMO owning project management. If a company is using project management as a strategic tool for change (who is not?) then project management needs to be owned by a senior manager. Of course, this is my view….

So the question again; who owns project management in your company?



*This is the second blog with this title

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