Project communications….why are they so poor and what can be done about this?

Project Agency has surveyed around 2,500 people. One of the results of this survey has been the large percentage of people who suggest that project communications are really poor. 71% suggested that project communications are really poor.

NOT a good result!

Many people on courses (outside the sample survey) suggested that the results mirror general communications in the business. This suggests that people are simply accepting that this is the status quo. This is a hardly the best solution to the problem.

So, what can you do to ensure that communications in projects helps deliver the actual outcomes? Here a re a few suggestions:

1) if you are involved in a major organisational change then appoint someone who will manage this important element of the project

2) identify all the activities you need to carry out and put them on your planning charts – milestone, Gantt

3) think communications – sounds silly but if you are involved in a project you will need to take people along with you. This can only be done by thinking about how this can be done. The activity comes from the thinking…

4) use a simple template. Project Agency has developed a communications chart which may be of help. You can find this here or at

5) at your project meetings review communications

6) ensure there is a link with your stakeholder management plans

You of course will have your own ideas so why not join in the debate?



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