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I have been thinking about this blog for a while now. I saw the dashboard for my blog postings was reading 397, 398, and now it’s 403 making this the 404thnd blog posting.

All those ideas in the articles; all those words.

I have decided to take a reflective look back at the last 7 years (the first blog posting was February 2007) and hopefully that will inform the future for those engaged in project management.

So what have I learned?

1. Many companies are still not accepting the real value that project management can bring. Maybe the issue is that those who are engaged in project management are not trained sufficiently well to deliver the key changes that are needed – see point 2.

2. Project management training is too scatter gun. It needs to be focussed on project managers who are bringing about key strategic changes in the business. Project management training also needs to be directed at project sponsors and project board (steering group) members. The lack of project sponsor training led me to co-author a book Strategies for Project Sponsorship. Let’s hope the statistics for project sponsorship training improve.

3. It is people who deliver projects. Your systems and processes may be brilliant however as one person said to me recently:

It’s those people…..

Now while I am suggesting we need to focus our project management training, I am now suggesting that project managers and project sponsors should have excellent people skills. I recently delivered a session called, “Soft skills, the final frontier for project management?” I believe soft skills are, and I also believe that they can like all frontiers, be conquered!

4. There has been a rise in the use of project management software. Exhibitions and magazines are full of advertisements for project management software. But in order to use the software, the user needs to know about project management. I am not seeing this as often as I would like.

5. I am still seeing too many projects worked on in companies. There are too many nice to have projects rather than must haves! In their latest report, PMI suggests:

“Projects and programs that are aligned to an organization’s strategy are completed successfully more often than projects that are misaligned (48 percent versus 71 percent)”

6. I am, and so are many Consultants seeing the same mistakes made by companies over and over again. Organisations are not learning. The really interesting issue is that if only they did learn, and do so in a structured way, then this would have a positive impact on the bottom line!

Here are 6 different points; they are from my experiences over the years which I wanted to share with the wider project management community, and companies generally. They are my reflections.

What are yours?


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4 Responses to Reflection – 400 Blogs

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  2. Hi Ron

    Totally agree with all your points – I’ve been blogging about the same time too and thinking back to those days it seems to me that over that time “project management” has become increasingly popular with people considering it as a career. This has been helped by people seeing PRINCE2 as a door opener (we’ll not go there!) and organisations latching onto this as a way to describe the kind of PM they need (must be PRINCE2 qualified…)

    It’s become popular – loads of organisations have jumped on the bandwagon – some for the good of PM, some just feathering nests with a disregard for PM. People considering it as a career think its a case of walking into a job but when has any managerial position been a case of ‘do an exam, start the job on Monday’.

    Organisations need to get serious if they want their projects to succeed and that means everyone in the organisation – from the sponsors (as you mentioned); the HR people who hire PMs; the project teams who work on projects; the PMs who manage the projects and the people who hold the purse strings.

    Stop treating ‘project management’ as a whimsical approach to getting things done and start cracking down on the areas of weakness. Start making each person accountable – stop passing the buck when failure strikes.

    Put back the ‘management’ into ‘project management’ and stop PM becoming more cliquey than it already is (by sector, by subject matter etc)

    • Ron Rosenhead says:

      Hi Lindsay. Agree 100%! Your comments are so true and appreciated. Maybe there’s an article in it for both of us….

      As for PRINCE2 being a door openers…my first draft of the blog read something like:

      ‘….I have met many people who have been trained in PRINCE2 but who have never been involved in managing a project since…’ What a waste of resources, especially when training budgets are being slashed within companies and those who really need the training do not receive it. However, I took it out!.

      It’s onto the next 7 years and I am sure we will see a clearer path??

      Many thanks for your welcome comments Lindsay.

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