Do you need a good dose of personal development?

I ran a two day project management course recently. The two days went well, and I had some really positive feedback.

Now before you think this is some advertisement for this course it is not! It is an article which suggests updating your knowledge and your skills…on an ongoing basis.

Let me explain.

One of the people on the course had obtained the PMP qualification. He came up to me at the end of the course and said that he had enjoyed the training course and he felt it essential for him to update himself and remind him of some aspects not touched up on recently in his job. He said: “I needed a good dose of personal development. I certainly got it.”
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He also went on to say that he knew of many project managers who did not take the continuing professional development aspect very seriously. “I will now”, was his last comment.

So I ask, do you need a good dose of personal development?



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4 Responses to Do you need a good dose of personal development?

  1. John Thorpe says:

    Hi Ron
    Lots of truth in what you say, big question for me is “which knowledge and skills?”

    Many practitioners are rightly focussed on knowledge and skills for the role they do in their current organisation which may well leave them short should they decide to move on to a new opportunity.

    May I suggest that it is always wise to look at the broader picture of the market if you want to keep one step ahead. If you don’t know where to start, have a look at a Competency Assessment.


    • Ron Rosenhead says:

      Hi John and thanks for the comments.

      You are so right! It is not just this job but the next one that needs to be thought through plus what trends are there and where do I meet up and where are my needs?

      One thing however that does concern me is the over focus on professional (project management skills) which do not include people skills…which is the broader picture.

      Thanks again John, appreciated.

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  3. John Thorpe says:

    Hi Ron

    Totally agree. Far to many practitioners and organisations confuse ‘Managers of Projects’ (controllers) with ‘Project Managers’.

    May be old school but I don’t see enough emphasis on “management skills” in the wider sense that allow a practitioner to effectively deliver a programme or project.


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