Are you always thinking customer care in your projects?

It was a bad afternoon. I had three arguments on the phone. Two were with banks and one with a utility company. I put the phone down about 4-15 pm feeling exhausted and not happy.

I decided the best therapy was to go for a walk and I enjoyed the sun of North London.

It struck me part way through my walk that these three companies had failed in their prime responsibility; treating me as a customer. I had a choice before me which was to change my banks and the utility company. I may well do.

A bit further into my walk I started to think about project management. What about customer care in project management? Indeed, I thought many projects managers may well respond: what  about it?

argument quote

So let me put it another way: what do stakeholders think of customer care you (as a project manager or a project team) provide for them.

I have some options; I can walk away from banks however a key stakeholder cannot walk away from a project. If they do, the project may for example, deliver something they do not want. Interestingly, many project managers say to me they cannot get stakeholders ‘on side’. I wonder if this is the reason.

So, why not do a quick survey of your stakeholders to find out how they view your services? This is especially true of long term projects. The information will be invaluable feedback to the project managers and their team.

Without this feedback, you have nothing, simply a void…

Over to you

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