How can you develop your company’s project management culture?

There is a connection between the last two blog posts and this article.

Over the last few weeks, I have written a couple of blog posts that have generated a lot of traffic.

Why is project management so fragmented in companies?

What is OPM?

I reflected on these articles, and thought they need a link. For me, the link is they point to the development or need to develop a stronger project management culture within companies.

All too often, companies pick and mix….or rather they have one or two strands of activity which they hope will enable them to develop project management within the business. However, we need a more comprehensive approach to really ensure projects are delivered consistently well.

pm culture
So what can you do?

There are many options for companies to take on board. Along with Mike Clayton we wrote a document designed to help you start your journey towards a stronger project management culture; a culture where your chance of delivering projects will be greatly enhanced.

Why not take a look at this document, it may help?

These are of course our ideas. You may have some better ones. Why not let me know.

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2 Responses to How can you develop your company’s project management culture?

  1. Tom Hussey says:

    Yes! I’ve noticed just how difficult it is to ‘hit the ground running’ on a new project in a new organization if the culture is not one of delivering projects. Sadly, especially noticeable in the public sector!

    • Ron Rosenhead says:

      Hi Tom, I don’t think I will make too many comments about the public sector.

      Interestingly, I have found the ‘culture of not delivering projects’ to be across sectors. It’is a slow process. Once person suggested it is like pushing water up hill with a sieve. I think the sieve has gone however it’s still uphill for too many project managers,companies and stakeholders.

      Thanks for the comment.


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