Use CHAMPS2 to bring about transformational change

I was invited by APMG International to the launch of CHAMPS2. The main presentation was given by Glyn Evans, Corporate Director of Business Change, Birmingham City Council.

Glyn explained that the Council is one of the largest local councils in Europe and said that it needed to change. However, this was no simple step change, there were 5 drivers for change and the change needed was huge. To quote from his presentation; incremental change was not enough, we needed to transform and we define transform as:

…fundamentally changing form or shape

…becoming something different

…doing different things (not doing things differently)

…behaving differently

…being viewed by others as something different

The organisation wanted to realise more than £2 billion of benefits (£1.5 billion cashable) over ten years for an investment of £670 million. No tall order.

From this emerged, over a number of years a methodology which is called CHAMPS2 – Change Management in the Public Sector. But, don’t be put off by the word ‘public’. My own feeling is that this is the wrong title for a really useful methodology. This is not just for the public sector; it can be used by any company going through transformational change.

Glyn said that they needed to reverse the traditional public sector value chain and start to focus on outputs including a high priority on benefits realisation. The really interesting aspect of the presentation was the number of times that he mentioned benefits management. It was good to hear!

There are 7 clear stages in the CHAMPS2 model however, I do not want to go through a full methodology description here and I will give you some links into the methodology at the end.

The overall environment needed to make the methodology work is no different to any other; senior management ownership and engagement. It was made clear that Birmingham got senior managers on board and projects and programmes were owned by them.

I feel the methodology is very useful seeming to bridge PRINCE2 and Managing Successful Programmes and more importantly it is free! Yes, the methodology can be downloaded for free! If however you want to get accreditation you can – via APMG International.

I have been given permission to share with you the CHAMPS2 presentation slides I saw (best shown full screen as a slide show) and the CHAMPS2 web site is here

Well worth a look at for transformational change

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