So, what have I learned this year II?

I wrote the first part of this blog article in late December and this week sees more learning from 2014. NOTE: these are elements I have seen during the year, not made up!

So, to repeat my introduction from the last blog posting:

‘As the year draws to a close, I sat last Sunday and decided it was time to reflect – after all, I am asking or have suggested others should do this. Out came the note pad and I started to make some jottings.’

Learn imageThis is the 2nd week of my learning being shared:

  1. Pressure to deliver: 2015 will see a great pressure to deliver those strategies and key projects. I have a feeling that the pressure to deliver will increase – there is no real hard evidence however all roads point to this. But from where I sit, many companies are ill equipped to deliver. They do not have the capacity/capability to deliver or the infrastructure for this (a project office, quick decision making, well trained project boards for example – see From Ready – Fire – Aim to Ready – Aim – Fire).
  2. Governance: or rather lack of it. Recently, I ran a project management event and I asked the group what project monitoring was like. I did not get a positive response. Many felt that there was too little monitoring and control was too lax.
  3. Goodwill: there is still a tremendous amount of goodwill among project managers. They clearly want to deliver, but are held back by the issues mentioned in the last blog posting and this week’s blog articles.
  4. Learning: companies are still not learning from their successes and mistakes. They reinvent the wheel time and time again without realising that they could save themselves time and maybe even money, if they really documented and learned from previous projects.
  5. Social media: this plays a great part in my learning and development. There are some great articles being published all the time. I only wish I had more time to search and read. My learning is then transferred to others via the courses/consultancy I do

Finally, a few people suggested that the first article was ‘negative.’ It was and my guess is that many will say this is.

I am a positive person, very energetic, enthusiastic and optimistic (that is what friends, family and people on courses say about me) but I have to write as I see and this is my learning what is yours?

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