Project sponsor or project manager?

Last week I wrote about the issue of roles – essentially, am I sponsor or a project manager? I want to continue the theme of project sponsorship and a presentation I did for the British Computer Society, PromsG.

The talk was called Project Sponsorship – Bridging the Gap. The audience were a mix of bridging the gapproject management professionals and consultants. Before we started the session, I got people to answer a question:

What is project sponsorship like in your organisation?

The results were revealing with only a few of the comments being positive.

I used this information alongside some research to identify what the sponsor should be doing and then compared it with the results; from feedback there was a gap.

I then asked the group to come up with some suggestions as to how they could bridge the gap. The ideas were interesting and taking the sponsor to the pub (to help build rapport) went down very well.

It was a good session and I received some positive comments. But, the question still remains, how do you bridge the gap between what the sponsor should do and actually does?

Any further thoughts?





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