This is why change control is so important

It was the final afternoon of the project management course and one of the participants had everyone listening. She was new to the company and said a number of very important things:

  • she was the only one in the family who did not go into the family business – a building company
  • the family company made a significant amount of money from the changes that clients made to building jobs with people saying: “while your here, can you……?”
  • she said many people who made the changes did so on a whim. She suggested that clients are like little kids, laughing and joking and not realising the extra costs or what further disruption was required to complete the work

The link with change control in your projects

Everything is under controlThis came about at the time of discussing change control…. the need for a process for managing changes within projects; letting the project manager control changes rather than them controlling you?

When asked what the company did she replied; the extra work is quickly priced (including extra time involved) and given to the client. They only said no in around 20% of cases.


So switch to changes in your projects and ask yourself:

  • How well are changes managed in your projects?
  • Do you tell the client the impact on costs or time?
  • Do you assess the risks in taking on board the extra work?
  • How much do you protect the business case, scope, project objectives and agreed project benefits?
  • Do you have a process for managing changes in your projects? Why not download our change control template which could help.







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