All change but how…..?

I am trying to type this without using my right hand and it is proving a tad difficult. You see I have something called De Quervains Tenosynovitis. Treatment – physiotherapy and resting the wrist….no typing please and wear a support.

de Quervans Tenosynovitis - no physios please

De Quervans Tenosynovitis – no physios please

It is so difficult not to use my right hand….the spelling in this article is really being tested by this approach.

On a recent journey, when I was not driving, I started to think about the difficulties; effectively to stop using and generally resting my right wrist. It is so time consuming to type one handed, and it’s a major change to the way I work. Major change…..mmm; something many of us are involved in.

Just how well am I adapting? Not too good at the moment. I keep forgetting to stop using my right hand on the key board. The mouse is very difficult to use with my left hand, and my typing speed…slow but improving…..

Now switch to some of our clients where we are introducing major changes (my issues are really small – but seem large!)

How well clients go through the changes could well depend on how well we as consultants engage with them. It could depend on how well we keep on communicating the overall vision, getting buy in, and letting go of old practices and habits – to name a few.

I am finding it difficult with a small change, so this small episode has woken me up to what I knew already, but probably needed to experience.

So, all change but how is the question…..

(Typed [mostly] with my left hand)

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