How do you get the project management basics right?

The 2015 Pulse of the Profession Report (Capturing the Value of Project Management) suggested “……it’s time for organizations to revisit the fundamentals of project management and, essentially, go back to the basics.”

Those basics include “Using standardized project management practices throughout the organization.”  *

It is interesting to visit a company and find that while there are claims such a ‘standardised’ system exists. The reality is often far from this ranging from total ignorance of its existence, to total immersion and use, usually in small pockets of companies.

Rarely, do I see the whole company using the same approach throughout.

Basics photoProject Agency has worked with and trained many thousands of people – at the last count 15,107, and we have worked within companies to ensure a standardised approach is used.

(Warning – there is an advert appearing any moment!) So, to go back to basics, Project Agency will be running two 1 day courses in Central London. Why not take a look and pass this around to other people? They are really practical, participative and work (take a look at some of the testimonials on our site)

That way, companies will be able to move away from the basics and really start to deliver!


* This posting has two ways of spelling words. By way of explanation the American words are in a direct quote from an American publication, and the commentary is from an Englishman!

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3 Responses to How do you get the project management basics right?

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  2. Petros Rigas says:

    I agree with the author on this. Even if such standards do exist they are hardly put into practice. And I’m referring to companies in South East Asia by this comment – because this is where my experience this. The standards and the methodologies may be there but implementing them only implies more transparency which is not necessarily a good thing for many middle managers.

    • Ron Rosenhead says:

      Thanks you Petros.

      It is not only in South East Asia! If the basics are not dome well then success….well, it will not be as senior mangers would wish.

      Thank you Petros, appreciated.

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