New ways of working are needed….

I said that this was an interesting topic and suggested they may want to start refining the ways they worked by looking at project management.

‘How do you mean’, asked my client?

Well, let’s look at the projects completed in the last 12 – 24 months:

  • which ones really delivered against the business case, the objectives and benefits?
  • which ones did not?

Then examine the key reasons some of the projects worked and why some did not work? Share the learning and the knowledge so that others can build on the successes and learn from the areas that did not go so well.

My client looked at me with a grin and smiled…

So new ways of working are needed...

So new ways of working are needed…

‘I’m sure new ways of working are needed to cope with the huge changes you are facing however why not build on what I have just suggested and use this as a starting lever to point to a new way of working – learning from previous projects and passing this onto others. After all, introducing new ways of working are key change projects for you aren’t’ they?

He smiled again and said; ‘It makes you think doesn’t it?’


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