We the jury, find the Project Sponsor guilty…………….

Thank you members of the jury for your time and consideration.  It only remains for me to pass sentence.

You have been found guilty before your peers of serious crimes which include:

  • Not ensuring there was a business case thereby tying up valuable resources on this project for some 9 months – but there was no formal authority for this to happen. You simply let it trickle through the approved project start up process
  • You did not appoint a project manager. This resulted in those involved in the project not being clear who the project manager was and a duplicate order of PC’s. The company were legally obliged to take both resulting in an overspend of £85,000
  • Your chose a project team that had no experience and no project management training. You described this project to them as a ‘key strategic project’ An inexperienced project team delivering a key strategic project do not mesh very well together
  • Very poor stakeholder management. There was a near strike because you did not ensure there was engagement with the Trade Unions or human resources. This resulted in an estimated 15 staff weeks being tied up with highly complex issues which should never have arisen
  • No project initiation document (project charter) – the project team, even 2 months into the project were not wholly in agreement with what they were delivering. It must be questioned by this court whether you knew what was being delivered

    Sadly guilty of poor leadership in a project sponsor role

    Sadly guilty of poor leadership in a project sponsor role

  • There was no on going risk assessment carried out for this project. This led to an improvement notice from the Health & Safety Inspectorate. Yet more wasted time and money
  • Agreeing to a project plan that was – and excuse the parlance – ‘on the back of a fag packet’. That was not a plan it was a very simplistic list, and that is being kind
  • No monitoring and control – and that’s your job. You failed to hold one meeting though you did dispute this, saying that you met the project manager in the corridor and asked how it was going? That’s not a meeting, it lasted long enough to say hello
  • This project overspent, it did not deliver anything. As project sponsor you must take full responsibility
  • This can all be summed up by the words; ‘lack of leadership,’ for which you are accountable

Do you have anything to say before I pass sentence?


Picture with acknowledgement of freedigitalphotos.net


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