How well do you organise yourselves

Over many years I have asked many many groups of people who attend project management training courses the above question.

The answers are clearly many and varied but one thing does stand out – the long hours worked by project staff.

It was therefore refreshing to see an article that said the company  has looked at this issue and made some decisions for them. Staff start at 0906 (yes, you read this correctly) finishing no later than 1800.

Is your day confused? What can you do and what can senior manager do?

Is your day confused? What can you do and what can senior manager do?

Pivotal Software insists its staff work these hours and no longer! In an article published by the BBC the founder and Chief Executive said that it’s all about making the working day as efficient as possible. He says:

“I realised that programmers, if left to their own devices, may roll in at 10am,” he says. “And if they haven’t eaten adequately they will be hungry by 11am, so they’ll stop for food, which then makes the afternoon too long. It is not very efficient.

“So we thought, ‘let’s provide breakfast for everyone.’ It gives them a reason to get here.”

This is a company that has thought about the way they are organised. They do not want staff working when they are tired as they cannot be creative. This company has a very impressive record and a proud client base.

They have thought about the answer to the question: how do you organise yourselves? Has your company?

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