What’s missing from your projects?

I was filing away action plans from a recent project management course and noticed the wording from one person who answered; stakeholder management is missing.

He explained to the group that there are often issues in the ‘people aspects’ of project. He said this could be dealt with by undertaking a detailed stakeholder analysis and then putting into play some solid actions including more effective project communications.

Many companies have their own project management approach. This is not meant to be a straightjacket to be followed rigorously. It is a guide with the fundamentals needed to deliver an effective project. If you have one in your company, how about testing a current project against that approach and identifying what is missing (for missing read not done thoroughly enough or not done throughout the project).

What’s missing from your projects? Why not check against your project management approach?

I have done this several times with company approaches and I have done it many times with the approach we have developed on training courses and when completed people say there is usually something missing.

If you have no project management approach then think about the principles of project management and analyse against these

So, let me ask again; what is missing from your projects?


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