Transforming Talent in the Modern Workforce

I wrote recently about the skills shortages in the  UK and the link to having sufficiently trained and developed project staff.

Today, I read a report called Transforming Talent in the Modern Workforce  

I have shown below some findings from the report and I do suggest taking time out to read a report that impacts us all.

How well prepared is your organisation for the modern workforce?

How much is your organisation changing? 

How important is personal development to you?

I do not intend to reproduce the who of the report in this blog posting – it would be wrong of me to do that. However, I hope that the few screen shots above will convince you to read the report. It looks at:

  • Changing expectations
  • Changing Workforce
  • Changing Talent Management
  • Keeping Pace With The Modern Workforce – Next Steps

The report asks I believe some really important questions. The key one for me; are you ready to adapt and change to meet the needs of the future? The research says not with “only 44% confident that their talent management strategy is ready for the modern workforce.”

Is your company ready?

The report from Fosway Group with Skillsoft and Sum Total Systems is well worth a read.


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