What do you need to let go of and what do you need to change?

I asked my wife, “what is this” holding up a canvas bag.

“It’s for potatoes. It is to give them a longer life. You put the potatoes in the bag and they last longer and are in better condition than when you keep them in plastic bags.”

Great was my only comment.

A few days later I opened the cupboard in which we keep the potatoes and sure enough, there was the canvas bag which contained the potatoes. However, I noticed that the plastic bags were inside the canvas bag and within them, the potatoes.

I said: “I see there is a plastic bag in the potato bag.”

“Yes,”  said my wife, and continued, “I need to get out of old and bad habits.”

Old and Bad Habits

…old and bad habits…….powerful words, very powerful words indeed.


I have over the years worked with many project managers and project sponsors. This has been one to one work or in facilitated events (training or workshops). I have frequently seen that both groups have bad habits, habits that negatively impact the project. In fact, some of the points below have come directly from project managers:

  • Cannot or wont delegate particular tasks wanting to keep control…
  • Failing to communicate effectively. It has been the case that some stakeholder does not need to know…
  • Using previous estimates for task durations – well it was OK last time. However, when challenged, no one has ever checked that the estimate is OK
  • Low level business as usual taking precedence over scheduled project management tasks that need delivering now!
  • No examination of business as usual – we have always done it so let’s continue to do it and do it the usual way! However….do you/the business still need to do it? If yes, can it be done more effectively?

Now this list could be really long however I am sure you get the picture.

What do you need to let go of and change to help deliver your projects?

So, what do you need to let go of or change that will impact positively on your projects and your self development and, as I have seen with some project managers, your health?

To help you think this through I have developed a self help questionnaire. I hope it will challenge you to think about what needs to change. Please remember, change needs to start from within so download this brief activity. Let me know how you get on.

What do I need to change? I am a news junky. I (too) frequently check for news updates on my phone and I have already reduced the number of times I do this. There is some way to go however I have started to reduce the number of times I interrupt myself.

The option; the same behaviour produces the same results….

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