How well do you communicate in projects?

Many of the people who come along to our project management training are involved in change management projects.

Early in project management courses I ask for typical project management problems. An analysis of these project problems shows just over 50% of them are problems around people:

• we cannot get them ‘on board’

• reliance on an unreliable resource

• cannot get the internal resources needed

When we start to look at the amount of time and the effort put into communicating with key stakeholders the statistics are stark; 68% of those surveyed by Project Agency believe communications in projects is poor or very poor. The people surveyed are all project managers or project team members!

 An interesting link between the problems and communications?

On recent courses we have spent more time looking at the whole issue of project communications. Groups have used our project communications template and seen the real value in using it throughout the life of their projects.

The true value of course of the communications is when the figures start to decrease. But, and it’s a big but, the 68% figure has been pretty constant over the last few years!

What would it be like for your company? Maybe, just maybe, the project management communications template would help?

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