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This is my second Blog site. I lost the other one – clumsy management of my password. In establishing the Blog I came across my old one and I still cannot get into it!

There is one postings which is worth listing again. Here is is.

I recently attended a conference and look what the speaker said:

  • Focus on the values rather than the process e.g. PRINCE. For us this is important as we see people hanging on grimly to the project management process forgetting what it is trying to achieve
  • PRINCE is the framework, not the solution
  • Identify how much corrective action you need to take – measure this and measure again at the end of the project. How much corrective action has been saved? Identify the cost and time saved
  • Communicate, communicate communicate. If you are trying to put in a project management culture you need to recognise the changes required. Some of these will be supported by excellent communications
  • To develop the project management culture have a number of project champions from within the organisation
  • Developing a project assurance check sheet really helped to put quality onto the agenda
    Having formal project management roles (set out in documents) really helped (these were full time project managers)
  • For ALL projects, hold post project reviews identifying lessons learned. A new project is not started until the all relevant reports have been read!
  • Project sponsors were more active – through training and education
  • Developing a prioritisation process asked a lot of questions of us

This was written almost 2 years ago. Makes you think!

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