Project management problems – it’s those stakeholders

Yes, it’s the stakeholders who are to blame for the majority of those project problems…well that is how it looks. Let me explain.

I ask people who come along to our Perfect Project Course what goes wrong in projects. The list is pretty long and when you start to analyse the lists it does not take too long before you see that a key group of ‘problems’ are stakeholders:

• I cannot get the finance people on board

• they just do not to engage win this project

• non delivery of a task by a key player

• we cannot get anyone from HR onto the project team

These are all similar comments that people have made to us over many years. The words may be different, but the implication is the same; we cannot get support of various people or groups and they are often gatekeepers – people who can influence the project – negatively

When we examine the stats we see that stakeholders account for between 50- 60% of the problems. Now before anyone starts to ask how scientific this is let me say it’s based on people’s perception, but over a long period of time – around 10 years.

So, when we look at the stakeholder management activities on the course, the group are really engaged. At the end of the project management course, the stakeholder management session gets high praise for helping to deal with real problems – and help solve them.

If you want to look at stakeholder management with your projects, why not download the stakeholder form and help identify and deal with project management problems. You can download the form here

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