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Do you need more skilled project staff?

The more courses we run, the more times we hear the statement; “we do not get the right resources onto our projects.” Several articles point to a ‘national crisis’ (see Business Fear Skills Shortages Could Hold Back Growth or  UK firms facing ‘critical’ skills shortage ) and there is even an official government skills shortage list To deliver projects effectively … Read More >

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Instead of a project report, I wrote you this….

As you know I go on holiday in 3 days’ time. I am due to meet you on Friday and then I will be away for 10 working days. Instead of the usual highlight report, I thought I would send you this email to bring out some of the issues we face in the Workingate Project (WP). We are behind … Read More >

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The pieces of the jigsaw are now starting to fit

I was struck by the above comment from someone on a recent project management course. The person who made the comment had been involved is several projects – as a team member and a project manager. But, he had received no training in project management, until now. He said he had gone through all sorts of traumas trying to deliver … Read More >

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What is your role in the project?

By Alison Smith This weekend my daughter will be travelling to Spain to take part in a music tour as a steel pans player, and choir member representing Hornsey School for Girls. After months of practice, and honing of skills they are almost concert ready – just one final thing to memorise…. their role in setting up, and packing away … Read More >

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Do you recreate your successes in projects?

By Alison Smith In the news this week it has been announced that there will be the recreation of a student prank from 1958. The prank carried out by engineering students was to put an Austin Seven car on top of the Senate roof at Cambridge University. Many had wondered how they had managed to get a car onto such … Read More >

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Practical project management training – it works!

Last week saw me running 2 Perfect Project courses for a client in Switzerland. Both groups went through a wide range of practical activities designed to develop their project management skills. Interestingly, someone commented on my colleague Alison Smith’s blog Training is like coffee – you need the right blend! I received an email saying that bespoke was best. I … Read More >

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