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Work breakdown structure – HOW?

I have written before about the need for project managers and project team members to have excellent questioning skills. This aspect comes into its own during the session when I explain the concept of work breakdown structure (WBS). I describe what it is, its importance and how to develop a WBS. Once I have demonstrated with the group how to … Read More >

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Is it time for CPD for the Project Management Profession?

I met up with an old friend recently. During the conversation he let slip that he had been caught speeding. He was ‘offered’ the option of some penalty points on his licence or taking a course. He took the course costing him £15 more than the fine. Interestingly, he found the course very useful. In his own words, he had … Read More >

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The Campaign for Real Project Sponsors

Peter Taylor (author of the Lazy Project Manager) started a campaign to improve project sponsorship. Many of you will know I have written about the need for this type of development for project sponsors. I have reproduced Peter’s original blog – with his permission below. ========================================= Critical to any projects success is having a good project manager we all know … Read More >

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My projects suffer from resource theft II

I wrote an article recently about resource theft in projects; I was encouraged to do so from a comment on a project management course I ran. The article is published below for the 2nd time. Why? I put a link to the blog on LinkedIn and I had some really interesting comments back from people and I thought them worthy … Read More >

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How effective are your project teams?

Steven Covey (of 7 Habits fame) appeared in a video which asks a number of tough questions. Among them: How effective are your (project) teams? Are your (project) objectives clear? Is the company strategy clear? The bracketed words are mine. Covey points to a survey by Harris Poll on goal setting and involvement which identified: as few as 15% could … Read More >

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Do we really learn from our project successes or errors?

My basic induction into the world of training and development included a lot of work around identifying learning and ensuring that this is applied back in the workplace by trainees on courses.   I try and link everything we do on project management courses back to learning; back to the place of work. As a follower of sport I keep hearing … Read More >

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