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There are simply too many projects in companies today!

During a recent workshop with project sponsors  I got the group to identify what projects underway in the business. They stopped at 40 projects (they could have kept going) as they were rather staggered by the overall size of the portfolio. Another client identified a staggering number of projects (over 100) and with some judicial cutting soon got the number … Read More >

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Let’s bring back the real meaning of “deadline” in projects…

Do you know the real meaning of the word deadline? Its origins go back a long way. suggests it is: “a boundary around a military prison beyond which a prisoner could not venture without risk of being shot by the guards.” I have spoken to many people who complain that the person “did not deliver against the deadline”. Issues … Read More >

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Where’s my whistle?

I was talking to my good friend Mike Clayton today talking about holidays and suddenly said; “hold it, where’s my whistle?” Of course, Mike could not answer, it was my whistle? Why do I need a whistle? Mike and I were talking about management of risks and I suddenly realised that my risk analysis for our forthcoming holiday was suspect! … Read More >

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We’re only brought in at the project planning stage

That was the plaintiff cry from some of a group on a recent project management course   Those who made the comment suggested that looking at aspects such as developing a business case or identifying and managing stakeholders and risks was not relevant to them. As you can imagine, this caused quite a stir; from other course members and especially from … Read More >

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IT suppliers – reduce your costs or your out!

The above headline seems to be the message in an article in the latest edition of Computer Weekly.: “The article, called “How will suppliers be able to cut IT costs?” starts with the words: “The government has told IT suppliers it wants them to reduce the cost of contracts with government departments.” The paragraph ends with: “But it could be … Read More >

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Why so few project courses for such a key group?

Last week I ran a workshop specifically for project sponsors. Every person in the room was a senior manager, they sponsored projects and yes, managed them as well.  On my travels to the training venue, I sent a Tweet that read:  Running project sponsor workshop today. Why are so few courses run for such a key group? Any suggestions?  Not … Read More >

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