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It’s your job to protect project scope

Yes it is. Someone needs to do it, so why not you! Protect the project scope! Well, there are some major assumptions that need testing in the above words: someone needs to do it; I am still coming across projects where the scope of the project is identified, agreed but not managed. So, whether you are a project sponsor, project … Read More >

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Slash and burn as £2billion of projects cut!

Yesterday,  I ran a project management course and spoke about the need for companies to look at their overall portfolio of projects and challenge the list asking among other things: does each project fit with the overall objectives? what are the priorities within the overall list? are there some nice to have rather than essentials? We had an interesting debate and … Read More >

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How do you set project roles? Leeds Rhinos show the way

Life is not all project management – or at least I try and make it that way. Saturday saw me drive all of 15 miles across London (which took me 2 hours!) to see my favourite rugby league team the current champions Leeds Rhinos. They were playing Harlequins and had a much changed side with 8 players out (international calls … Read More >

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Reduce optimistic planning bias in your projects

So, according to all the news reports, the previous Labour government here in the UK got it wrong! They forecast that economic growth would be 3.25%. The new Office for Budget Responsibility has downgraded this estimate to 2.6%. News reports suggest that the previous Labour Government were overoptimistic in their planning estimates. Cut now to projects. I hear all the … Read More >

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Do you keep records of project estimates?

People attending a recent project management workshop suggested that they needed some help estimating. I probed just that bit deeper and discovered that many people were working on what I would call ‘repeat projects.’ They are repeating a project that was done say last year or an element of a project. This led me to ask (knowing the answer) whether … Read More >

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How do YOU avoid project overspend?

I was very encouraged when I attended a meeting of a locally registered charity. They want to embark on a very ambitious building programme costing a round £2m – a massive sum of money for this small organisation. The objective of meeting was to update the audience of progress on the scheme. It is very early days and the big … Read More >

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