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Are your change projects really working?

The current economic climate means that there is pressure for changes to be delivered quickly. That system needs to be put in 2 months earlier. The training course needs bringing forward, get me that report 2 weeks quicker please….;key changes need to happen and a lot quicker… But, how likely is it you will succeed in delivering your changes? Two … Read More >

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International Project Management Day – TODAY!!

Yes, today 6 November 2008 is International Project Management Day. Many of you may be surprised reading this; I came across it by chance so yes, I was surprised. The idea, promoted by Project Management Institute has a web site (see link at the end of this article) and the following introduction: The international project management day is intended to … Read More >

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Are you cutting back or investing in project management training?

Leaders of major businesses, business organisations and trade unions combined in an unusual full page open letter to UK employers (Sunday Times 26th October 2008). The open letter suggests that: “in an economic downturn, there is always a temptation for businesses – large and small, to cut spending on staff training. When times are tough, it looks a simple way … Read More >

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Are there too many project management qualifications?

I received telephone call from a very confused person. Allow me to explain. Janet (not her real name – she has given me permission to write about this) is really keen to create a project management career. She had done a large amount of research (“too much” was what she said) and wants to develop her knowledge and skills and … Read More >

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Project risks – it is even more important to identify and manage them.

I was invited to a friend’s house recently. There were probably 35 people all enjoying themselves; me included. I spoke to quite a number of people and one person said something that stuck. Mark was employed in one of the big banks here in the UK. He knows many people who work in medium to large companies and is surprised … Read More >

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Government Projects – why they fail

The UK government’s record on IT projects is not very good. So says Computer Weekly in a recent article where it lists 13 IT projects that have not delivered against the original objectives. Now, it is all too easy to criticise governments for failing to deliver (yes, I have fallen foul of this one) but, what can we all learn … Read More >

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