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Project management and performance management – do they meet?

“We have a new and really effective on-line performance management system. It really does focus the minds of managers and their staff,” said the senior manager. I needed to ask a question: “You are using project management as a key tool to manage many of the changes in the company. How is project management measured in your performance management system?” … Read More >

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Does your project get off to a clean start?

  The beauty of a 100 meter race is that everyone starts the race together. The race cannot be started without a clean start. Can the same be said of your projects? Does your project get off to a clean start? Not according to people who come along on our project management training workshops. They say that the start to their … Read More >

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Two project teams for the same “project!”

An article in The Times (March 1, 2010) caught my eye: “Companies issuing shares to make an acquisition, should hire a second team of investment bankers to make the case against doing the deal, according to Warren Buffett” This got me thinking. Imagine a team set up to argue against a project as well as team to argue for developing … Read More >

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Project managers;develop your consultancy skills

The emphasis for many project managers within organisations is to further develop and build on their project management skills. This usually means attending a project management workshop, such as our two day Perfect Project event or maybe PRINCE2 or PMI or equivalent. These are really good project management courses and they will certainly help develop project management skills. However; and … Read More >

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Legal case suggests don’t promise what you cannot deliver.

According to an article in the Computer Weekly, legal ruling could push up prices of IT contracts in the future. The Technology and Construction Court found in favour of BSkyB following a five-year battle with EDS over a failed customer relationship management system. The case is the most expensive legal dispute in the history of the IT industry, costing both … Read More >

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“Train them, and train them fast!”

My company, Project Agency walked away from the contract that was on the table. Train several groups of project managers to ensure that a large number of departmental projects would be delivered. I met some of the senior managers who were concerned that little or no progress was being made by the project managers. Delivery is too slow; “train them and … Read More >

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