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“I did not sign up for this project management stuff.”

There I was in full flight during a project management course when someone said: “I did not sign up for all this project stuff.” The person who made the comment was a graduate, had studied hard to become a professionally qualified solicitor within a company. He was effectively questioning why he was why he was involved in project management and … Read More >

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Project briefing – sponsors must do better!

That was the response from participants on a project management workshop. How did this come about? We have an activity where I give them a brief. By brief I mean some background information about a project. This led to a an interesting debate with a substantial proportion voicing concerns that the briefings they had from senior mangers were vague and … Read More >

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Government computer failures add up to huge bills for taxpayers

The government comes in for huge criticism in today’s The Independent Newspaper (19 January 2010) Banner headlines shout: “Ministers blamed for “stupendous incompetence” after tax payers left with huge bills for bungled projects” The article highlights 10 notorious projects including the most costly programme; the £12.7 Billion IT system designed to revolutionise the NHS. The article questions the benefits of … Read More >

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So, as my project sponsor….

Project Manager (PM): Can I just check, are you the project sponsor for this project? Project Sponsor (PS): Yes, I thought you knew that PM: Well, I thought it was the case however, no one has formally told me. I am putting together various documents for this project and it is obvious that this will take me quite a while. … Read More >

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Questioning, one of those project management skills that needs to be well honed.

I was facilitating a workshop with a project team and realised that something was wrong! Symptom: the 5 people in the project team were talking differently about the project Analysis: I gave each person a piece of flip chart paper and asked them to write down the project objectives Result: 4 different sets of objectives (2 were the same) We … Read More >

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Develop your project team and quickly!

So, Mark Hughes has been sacked from Manchester City and the football club have already appointed a replacement. Hughes was in position as manager just 18 months however after around 3 or 4 months the club was taken over and became the richest football club overnight. He spent well (around £200 million) but the results were just ‘not good enough’. … Read More >

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