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Project Agency – they provide great project management training courses that are tried and tested and practical

From Ready-Fire-Aim to Ready-Aim-Fire – a White Paper that guides you into looking at your organisation when introducing project management

Deliver That Project – low cost, high value tried and tested. It costs $27 (US). Simply fill out the 2 boxes below and you will be directed to the PayPal pay site and then to the download page:

Project Management Templates – free! – save time, save money and save stress! 14 free project management templates

The Perfect Project – over 10,000 people have attended this event. A two day tried and tested and practical event. – with a great testimonial on the front page!

Our Approach to Project Management – 3 stage model – a description of our approach to developing those involved in delivering projects

Developing your own project management system – a unique approach to developing your own project management system for your organisation.

Your 1st Project! – If you are delivering your first project, this article is for you

63 Free Project Management Tips – tried and tested and practical tips to help you deliver on time, every time

Managing Project Changes – a process for ensuring you manage changes with links to two templates

Don’t forget the stakeholders – find out how the wicked witch can influence your projects – unless managed effectively

Having a project support office – the case for a project support office

Which course should I attend? – A simple process for helping you decide which course staff should attend, including senior managers!

Project governance-having a robust monitoring and control system – some suggestions for monitoring and controlling your projects

An annual report on projects – a challenging article by Mark Mardell that suggests companies should provide an annual report on their projects in the same way company accounts are provided

Learning from projects – Jerry points the way ahead – 128 lessons for you to look through. We give you 9 and the optiuon of reading the rest. There are some great ones!

The 5 dumbest things a project manager can say – if you are a project manager, this may be quite a challenge to you!

Managing programme work in a matrix environment – this PowerPoint presentation by Ned Newton gives a good view of how to manage programmes

The strategic role of project management– Author Don Wessells argues the need for organisations to consider using project management as a strategic critical tool.

How to spot a failing project – Scott Johnson interviewed for CIO Magazine