Not such a good customer experience!

I was contacted by Prof Morris Pentel, Chairman of Customer Experience Foundation (CEF). He drew attention to a white paper published by CEF on “The Hidden Costs of Technology Failure in the Contact Centre.” The report makes interesting reading and has wide application to those in the project management community. Among some of the highlights are: 1. Between 1/4 and … Read More >

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“Project manager’s need to put their head above the parapet.”

Words uttered by Stuart, an internal consultant for a large company. He wanted me to work with him to promote a stronger project management culture within the business. After working with him developing their in-house approach to project management, we ran a number of  project management training events. It was during one of these that a couple of people said … Read More >

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Training course discovers need for project leadership

During a project management training course activity I noticed that one of the groups was very quiet. There was little eye contact between people in the group, talking was intermittent and people looked uncomfortable. Contrast this with the two other groups who were very animated and very loud with lots o0f activity. I stood back for a few moments and … Read More >

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Breaking into Project Management – Josh Nankivel

This is a guest Blog by that well respected writer and career project management coach Josh Nankivel. He writes about Breaking into Project Management. I am a project management career coach, and specifically I focus on helping new and aspiring project managers reach their career goals and get into the project management discipline. I correspond with hundreds of people monthly … Read More >

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Project Challenge – free workshops and seminars

How is your diary looking on 30 September and 1 October? I ask because on those dates “Project Challenge” is taking place at Olympia, London. There are free seminars, presentations alongside an exhibition and of course the inevitable opportunity to network. Why not go along and take some of your project management colleagues with you? It is a really good … Read More >

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Project estimating; avoid the must answer now syndrome

I have frequently said that consultants should practice what they preach which is what I did recently. During a meeting, I was asked by a client to commit to certain actions by certain dates “You can do this can’t you?” I clarified what was required and gave the following response: “I will need 24 hours to look at what is … Read More >

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