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The Shard. Picture courtesy of http://www.londonbridgequarter.com/the-shard/overview

Out of tiny acorns….. mighty projects grow!

By Alison Smith. Many of you will be familiar with the television programme called The Apprentice. This started initially in the US with Donald Trump pitting the ‘Street smarts’ against the ‘Book smarts’. Since it began there have been several versions of the show all around the world. Here in the UK, Lord Alan Sugar is the business tycoon who … Read More >

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Can you keep a promise?

By Alison Smith, Project Agency Last Thursday, the people of London where Project Agency are based, voted in the Mayoral elections.  This year is a key election year as Boris Johnson, who was elected on Thursday will make his mark in history as the Mayor of London during the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, and also for the London 2012 Olympics … Read More >

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This week’s BIG question

Is this business case flawed? I was delighted to hear the question! The project looked as though it would improve delivery of a service. The computer system was ordered and training was built into the business case. In all, it looked like the software would speed up delivery. The person asking the questojn about the business case asked; how much … Read More >

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We do not need a business case.

Project Manager (PM) – I have looked at the ideas around the project you mentioned recently and wanted to talk about it. Project Sponsor (PS) – What, you haven’t started the project yet? PM – I have, but not in the way you are referring to. I have developed a business case which I want to talk through. PS – … Read More >

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