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Recognition; it’s such a powerful tool

I took a rest and for some background noise, put the TV on. The programme was Undercover Boss. (For a full description of the programme go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Undercover_Boss ) This episode was based around a Calgary Transit where the boss went undercover to discover how the company was doing. I caught the last 10 minutes. It was fascinating. I was … Read More >

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So, how good are you?

I said; “So why not score yourself against the criteria you have just developed? “ The course participants launched themselves into the activity and they took it just a bit further than even I imagined! So let me explain what they were actually doing and how it came about. During a recent project management course we were discussing the need … Read More >

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Project management course proves its worth!

I run many project management training events over a year and I have heard many comments from many people. One recent comment however stood out. It was said with such intensity, such feeling that the whole group seemed to stop; listen and reflect on the implications. So, what was said? “I have just discovered I have 3 more projects!” Those … Read More >

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