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The Campaign for Real Project Sponsors

Peter Taylor (author of the Lazy Project Manager) started a campaign to improve project sponsorship. Many of you will know I have written about the need for this type of development for project sponsors. I have reproduced Peter’s original blog – with his permission below. ========================================= Critical to any projects success is having a good project manager we all know … Read More >

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This weeks’ BIG question.

This week’s BIG question Are your project management staff doing the basics right? I have had several conversations recently with people who suggest to that the new IT project management software is great: “We really like this software. It will really help us get all our projects delivered effectively.” They see the use of this enterprise software as the solution … Read More >

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This Week’s BIG Question

When did you last formally review a finished project? (Or hold end of stage reviews?) I have often asked this question when I work with different groups on project management training courses – and the embarrassing silence shows few, if any, have been involved in post project reviews. What is the purpose of this review? To see what you can … Read More >

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Have you ever thought about templating your project?

OK, what do I mean? Consider this; there are many pieces of work (projects) that are repeated by you or by others in your company. How about producing a simple record of the project so the next time it can save you time? This is not as daft as it sounds! I have had many people who come along to … Read More >

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Where we make most money and project management change control

It was the final afternoon of the project management course and one of the participants had everyone listening. She was new to the company and said a number of very important things:   she was the only one in the family who did not go into the family business – a building company the family company made a significant amount … Read More >

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This weeks BIG question

When was the last time the risk log was updated? I asked this on a recent project management course. The project manager  looked very sheepish. Yes, there was a risk log; yes there were activities to reduce the risks and yes they allocated responsibility to individuals to mitigate the risks. But, and what a but, the risk log was 5 … Read More >

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