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We do not need a business case.

Project Manager (PM) – I have looked at the ideas around the project you mentioned recently and wanted to talk about it. Project Sponsor (PS) – What, you haven’t started the project yet? PM – I have, but not in the way you are referring to. I have developed a business case which I want to talk through. PS – … Read More >

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I want you to cut the number of projects? Do you know how & which ones?

The new British coalition government are today announcing a series of financial cutbacks. A brief comment by a BBC political commentator on the TV caught my attention this morning. Apparently, later this year, a minister will be visiting every government department to identify possible projects to cut. The interesting issue is whether there is a list of key projects for … Read More >

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Two project teams for the same “project!”

An article in The Times (March 1, 2010) caught my eye: “Companies issuing shares to make an acquisition, should hire a second team of investment bankers to make the case against doing the deal, according to Warren Buffett” This got me thinking. Imagine a team set up to argue against a project as well as team to argue for developing … Read More >

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“Project manager’s need to put their head above the parapet.”

Words uttered by Stuart, an internal consultant for a large company. He wanted me to work with him to promote a stronger project management culture within the business. After working with him developing their in-house approach to project management, we ran a number of  project management training events. It was during one of these that a couple of people said … Read More >

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Projects at NIL cost!

Do you have a budget for your project? This may seem a strange question however anecdotal evidence (and it is strong) from people who come along to our project management training courses have to deliver their project ‘at nil cost’. When they query with senior management what the budget for the project is they are told quite clearly that there … Read More >

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Cynical project management tips or the truth!

I often come across blogs or articles on the internet which bring out a range of reactions from me. One I came across today made me smile and ask; is there any truth in them? This blog needs further publicity. It is called 20 Cynical Project Management Tips. I immediately dived to the read this article which mildly amused my sense … Read More >

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