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Delivering your strategic agenda; project management – 1 of 3

What leads a company to move towards using project management within its business? Is it by some mystical way; maybe a glaring error within a project (over budget or late), maybe the sheer size of the agenda? Why the question? Does it really matter? Yes it does! If there is a desire within the business to deliver its strategic agenda … Read More >

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For project manager, read consultant!

The emphasis for many project managers within organisations is to further develop and build on their project management skills. This usually means attending a project management course, such as our two day Perfect Project event or maybe PRINCE2 or ITIL or equivalent. These are really good programmes and they will certainly help develop their project management skills. However; and it … Read More >

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Me compartmentalise – no, not me!

I work with a wide range of professional people. This work involves a wide variety of activity and I have observed an interesting phenomenon. They seem to compartmentalise what they do ignoring the links with other aspects of their work. What do I mean by this? Here is an example. A group of people regularly review the risks within their … Read More >

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Come on you senior managers. Play your project roles effectively.

Running training events is often a dumping ground for people’s frustrations. I guess we have all done it thinking this guru will help us solve all our problems. However, some of our problems are deeply ingrained and take a lot of shifting. One such problem is the role that senior manager’s play or should play in projects. The terminology does … Read More >

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